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Super-Connected Cities - WiMax

Spend your Super-connect City Voucher with Daconi. Solutions up to 1 Gbps of symmetrical broadband bandwidth, at distances up to 16 km. Using the 5.8, 32, 60, 70/80 GHz bands these systems are ideal to provide access to high bandwidth broadband, or link to remote offices, replacing expensive leased line rental.
super connected cities

Leased Line Replacement

Do you need to connect two buildings to your LAN at high speed or upgrade capacity from old leased line to support voice, video or data services?

Daconi can install point-to-point wireless broadband links between your offices which give your business symmetrical bandwidth up to 1 Gbps, at distances of up to 16 km. We provide solutions for IP traffic (data, voice and video) or IP plus E1 traffic (for legacy PABX interconnect). The typical return on Investment is less than one year whilst dramatically increasing bandwidth and hence improving business efficiency.

Daconi also provide campus solutions, for business that have more than one remote office using point-to-multipoint wireless broadband solutions.

The broadband wireless technology Daconi provide to replace leased lines is WIMAX compatible (which ensures interoperability and competitive pricing) and uses the ofcom 'light-touch' 5.8GHz license band. This has the dual benefits of non-congested wireless bandwidth (when compared to WiFi band equipment) and improved wireless range (5.8GHz equipment is allowed to transmit at 2W, much higher power levels compared with WiFi at 100mW). Note that 5.8GHz transmission is not susceptible to rain or fog (unlike the 2.4GHz systems).

Daconi also provide solutions using the 32, 60, 70/80 GHz bands and can arrange ofcom licenses for these systems.